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Alexander Technique focuses on the dynamics between our thinking and movement, happening in real-time. How we think NOW matters, as our body listens and strives to follow them, sometimes even too eagerly. And sometimes whilst in action we stop thinking mindfully and slip into auto-pilot, our movements can become inefficient or even harmful due to dominating habitual and conflicting thoughts. By being aware of the “how and what we think”, we can start to change them for our benefits. The possibilities are only limited by our imagination.


Tat Yuen Certified Alexander Technique Teacher, STAT Member

Tat Yuen studied the Master of Christian Studies with a focus on spirituality and received his AT teacher training at Vancouver, Canada. In 2008, he returned to Hong Kong, where he established a practice that nurtures the body, mind and soul in a holistic way. This integrated practice sparked a revival of awareness, both inside and out, creating the space and freedom needed for connection and personal development. While the Technique is free from religious ties, it harmoniously merges with the rich and diverse spiritual heritage of Christianity, becoming a stunning tool that guides everyone on their unique journey of self-discovery. It’s a vibrant dance of learning and growth, inviting everyone to join.


There have been many unforgettable moments.

  • A Parkinson’s patient finds calm through directional touch.
  • A performing student, with a renewed understanding of body use, accomplishes physical movements previously thought impossible.
  • A pastoral worker experiences acceptance, giving her the freedom and courage to embark on a different ministerial path.
  • Seniors rediscover the ease and capabilities of everyday activities, rebuilding their confidence and zest for life.

These daily enlightenments are invigorating and encouraging, embodying mindfulness with a specific application.

Lessons can take various forms: traditional one-on-one hands-on sessions, remote online self-initiative classes, or small groups with shared interests and concerns. We also apply the Technique to Ba Duan Jin (Eight Brocades), using it as a tool to examine and fine-tune this ancient self-care exercise. This routine exploration in small groups of less than eight people involves gentle movements and mutual observations, making the learning process fun and less intense.

From Tat: “I wanted to train as a teacher before taking the first lesson. And even after graduating 15 years ago, I am still a student of the Technique. I learn every day from the co-exploration with my pupils and colleagues. And I am so grateful for the joy it brings.”


To book a lesson contact Tat directly.


WhatsApp: 07309 995 249

The duration of individual lesson is around 45 minutes. Clothing tips: comfortable and easy to move, long trousers and joggers are recommended. And you are encouraged to take off the shoes during exploration.

The Alexander Technique complements with any other therapy, treatment, or activity.


Current from April, 2024

Individual Lessons

Casual rate £50

5 sessions £240

10 sessions £450

Concession available for pensioners and students.

Group lessons on demand are also available. Don’t just send “person with need” to take lessons. Come Together! Interactive experiment and carefree observation are also fun and effective channel of learning. Bonding and mutual support are often developed with team workers, friends and family.